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My Game Leagues


November 26th, 2004 - Present

MGL's Badges, MGL's Awards, MGL's Lottery & Raffle, MGL's Buck books, MGL's Sig Auctions, MGL Bucks & rank system, Ladder ranks (levels) are all either copyrighted or belong to MGL and cannot be copied in any way.

MGL My Game Leagues is a peaceful gaming environment which consists of a Free membership and Elite membership ($10 per year).  You will be able to check when your membership expires if you are an Elite member in your "My Membership" page when logged in.

There are absolutely no refunds and that is our policy which we will stick to.  When you purchase a membership you must check a box that you agree to this page, therefore you have made an agreement and understand our policy.

We only accept Paypal & Google payments.  We are not responsible for any credit card theft or problems because the checkout service belongs to Paypal & Google and not us.

There are no autos (pogo cheats) allowed in a match against another opponent or your account will be banned.  There is also no cheating; fair & honest play policy.  This ladder & tournament system is made for absolutely 100% fun and for those who enjoy competition.

You give MGL My Game Leagues permission to post your personal information that you fill out in the registration page when you sign up for the website.  You can also edit this in your "My Account" page when logged in.  If you do not want people to know your gender, location, age etc then do not put it.

All email accounts must be valid for prizes, awards, message and account verification.  Please turn off your spam filters and email blockers else you will not receive emails from us.  Please add to your email list.

You can be any age to play at MGL. If you are under the age of 18 you should have your parent/guardian email us or check over the entire website to make sure its ok for you to play on. There are some leagues you must be 18 or older because it may consist of adult material and/or language. We are NOT responsible if your child signs up and joins a league for 18+ years old because he/she was suppose to ask permission by their parent/guardian. We strongly recommend you are at least 18 years old to create a league. We do not discriminate against people who are under the age of 18 as games can be played for all ages. Some games may have violent material and we warn you ahead of time, do not play games if you believe they are not suitable for you. If you are under the age of 18 and join a league thats 18 and older you are automatically banned until you get permission then the league owner will allow you to play.

All ideas and features of MGL My Game Leagues are not to be copied or stolen without permission.  Anything taken from My Game Leagues would be against the law.  MGL My Game Leagues is copyrighted.

Respect the images and features on the website.  Not everything on the website is ours.  From the things that are not ours we have been given permission.  If a member posts a message or photo in the forum we are not responsible if it offends anybody or is inappropriate.  We will remove all messages or photos if found to be inappropriate for the website.  Some images and/or sigs posted on MGL may not be originally created by that individual but we hold no responsibility.  If you believe an image is being used on MGL that shouldn't then please contact

2004-2009 MGL - My Game Leagues Copyright all rights reserved.  All other brand, product names and logos are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of their respective holders.  Linking to our pages is encouraged, but duplication, modification, or distribution of the content by any means is prohibited without the developer's approval.  This page includes links to Amazing Artists please be respectful and help us support the Give Credit where Credit is Due rule.  All ideas, concepts and features belong to MGL and/or noted otherwise.

All attempts to copy MGL My Game Leagues will be dealt with by the proper authorities.  We reserve the right to change the terms & conditions at anytime and are not held responsible if you fail to meet the terms & conditions.  We are constantly coming out with new features and addition so new rules and legal notices will be written.

MGL - MyGameLeagues MGL Rules & Agreements
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