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Welcome to MGL Raffles!! Once again, MGL goes over the top. This is not your average 50/50 raffle, infact MGL keeps nothing! All MGL bucks entered in, are paid out. So if 50 Monthly Raffle Tickets are sold, the winner gets all 5,000 MGL Bucks.
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Monthly Drawing

100 MGL Bucks Each
Weekly Drawing

25 MGL Bucks Each
Daily Drawing

10 MGL Bucks Each
Last Drawing: March 31, 2011
Winner: emt1460 (375,500 MGL Bucks)

Next Drawing: May 30, 2011
Tickets Sold: 10
Raffle Total: 1,000 MGL Bucks

My Tickets Entered: 0
Last Drawing: April 23, 2011
Winner: oggie1152 (71,625 MGL Bucks)

Next Drawing: May 14, 2011
Tickets Sold: 10
Raffle Total: 250 MGL Bucks

My Tickets Entered: 0
Last Drawing: April 27, 2011
Winner: Winnahtim (24,800 MGL Bucks)

Next Drawing: May 10, 2011
Tickets Sold: 30
Raffle Total: 300 MGL Bucks

My Tickets Entered: 0
All drawings occur at 4:00 AM on the date specified for each drawing.

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