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Manage Awards

Inside your award album you will see a manage awards link. Click that for additional options. This is where you can create folders and organize your awards in your album. This is also where you can show off your awards on different spots of MGL.

Your Leagues

Click on this and the menu will drop down. This will list all the leagues you are in. Then click a league and the menu will drop down again. Now this will list every game that league has. Click on any of the 3 boxes next to a game. Notice the box turns to a red font meaning this is the box you selected. Then click on an award. Now the award is in that box. After you are done click on the save. Go to that league, click on the game and then go to the standings. The awards will be displayed right next to your player name!

My Profile

The awards you select here will go next to your name in your profile page and also in the browse members page.

My Messages

You can select the awards you want displayed next to your name when sending MGL messages.

Date Created: March 5, 2006Last Updated: August 14, 2006

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