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How do I win MGL Bucks?

Elite Membership
Sign up for a MGL Elite Membership and receive 10,000 MGL Bucks. In addition to that you will also receive 5,000 MGL Bucks on the 1st of every month!

Every $1 you donate to MGL is worth 500 MGL Bucks. You can donate money to help pay for MGL and also get you some extra MGL bucks!

1 vs 1 Ladder Matches
Click here to view the MGL buck payouts for a 1 vs 1 match.

Team Ladder Matches
Click here to view the MGL buck payouts for a team match.

Play in a Tournament
Click here to view the MGL Buck payouts for a tournament.

Host a Tournament
If you are a league admin and host a tournament you will receive 250 MGL Bucks.

Arcade Games
Play games here and most of them payout MGL Bucks.

Arcade Jackpot
Each game has its own jackpot and goes off randomly after you submit your score.

Arcade Rate a Game
You can vote for every arcade game. After you vote you will receive 25 MGL Bucks unless you are an Elite member you will receive 50 MGL Bucks for every game you rate.

Refer a new member
Make sure the new member selects your MGL user name when signing up to receive 2,000 MGL bucks!

Suggestions, ideas & Help
Make a suggestion to MGL, let us know a feature you may want added or an improvement. Help out another member, be friendly and this is all stuff that leads to MGL Bucks.

Recommend an existing league
Get an existing league from another website to join MGL, and you will receive 5,000 MGL bucks!

Find errors
Found an error on MGL? Let us know and receive anywhere from 500 MGL Bucks. Typing errors, spelling, links that don't work, image not loading... anything you can think of that would be considered an error or bug.

Topic of the Day
Click on the link under the topic of the day located on the home page of MGL. This will payout 500 MGL Bucks.

Help Topic
View any help topic in our Help & Support page to win 25 MGL Bucks. You can win 25 MGL Bucks once every 30 days per topic.

Check out the MGL-Zone page every Wednesday and win 250 MGL Bucks. Just for viewing the page you win MGL Bucks... how cool is that

You will receive 5,000 MGL Bucks on your birthday.

MGL Raffle
Play the MGL Raffle daily, weekly and monthly to win MGL Bucks and prizes! The MGL Raffle is located in the MGL-Zone.

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