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Managing Tournaments

Add a Player - This link will let you easily add a player to your tournament. If you don't remember the person's entire username... don't worry. For example, if the member name was 'testuser505' you can just type in 'test' then search and it will come up with every username on MGL that starts with 'test' and you will be able to easily click the persons name to add them.


Resize Brackets - This is where you will go if your tournament is either too large or too small. When you resize the tournament, the brackets are automatically randomized.


Finalize Brackets - You click this link ONLY when you are ready to start the tournament because this locked the tournament from people entering or joining. This process cannot be undone to prevent cheating.


Modify Details - This is where you can change or enter is description/rules or where the tournament is being played.


Delete Tournament - This is how you delete the tournament for any reason you may have.


Remove user from tourney - Under the current brackets will display all the people in the tournament. To remove a user just click the red X next to their name.


Have a member that is telling you this? You can not join this tourney again. You have withdrawn too many times. This is people that have entered and withdrew from the tourney too many times. This is usually because of someone cheating and wanting a better spot in the brackets.

Date Created: December 11, 2005Last Updated: February 11, 2006

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